Springer Verlag Sells DRM-Free e-books to Libraries

From the full story at Publisher’s Weekly:

“‘Libraries buy direct from us and they own the content,” said [George Scotti, Springer Verlag’s director of channel marketing]. ‘Once users download content, they can give it out, share, whatever. They own it.’ Scotti explained that once libraries have paid for the content, the e-books are available without charge to everyone at these institutions, so there’s no need to repost or redistribute it online. Once the e-book is downloaded from the library, no return is necessary. ‘Some of our competitors are afraid to do this,’ Scotti said, ‘but we say, free the content.'”

Springer’s ebook offerings amount to “40,000 titles in the PDF format in the science, technical, and medical category (including some textbooks).”

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