Slashdot Creator Interviewed

Search Engines WEB writes “Each of the Slashdot editors makes that decision whenever they select a story. There’s no hard and fast rule tho. We’re trying to balance the interestingness of a story against the number of people who might find it worth their time. Some stories are to niche… other stories to broad. We have a certain core subject matter that we’re tryign to address. If the story fits within it, then it’s just a matter of deciding if it’s good enough.

I don’t think Slashdot has a rival exactly in what we do. Sites like Digg excel at a certain thing, and fail at others. What we do is unique. I’m always open to talking to people about collaberation where it makes sense. At the same time, I fight to keep Slashdot independant. I think part of our uniqueness is the fact that we try to make as unbiased a judgement as possible about the stories we select. Anyhing that compromises that is bad”