Should L.A. give Undocumented Immigrants I.D. (library) Cards?

Important story from the LA Times earlier this week: Los Angeles is considering a major step in providing ID cards to illegal immigrants. The Los Angeles Public Library card could one day become a form of identification for the city's large illegal immigrant population that would allow them to open bank accounts and access services.

Here's the follow-up in the Opinion Pages.


...the number of authorities who will accept it. I don't see what the fuss is all about. Unless governmental offices (besides the LAPL), liquor stores etc. recognize the cards as valid proof of identification, then that photo ID card is no more useful than your Starbucks Rewards card.

Human beings are not "illegal". A person can only be undocumented or without papers. I'm interested to see the LAPL acknowledge how hard it is to exist in modern society without government issued identification but I'd be happier if updated its terminology.

Human beings are not illegal. Please adopt terminology that respects and affirms the humanity of our patrons.

thank you for your comment

Ok fine we use the term undocumented instead of illegal. The reason one side wants to change the language is because they want a different outcome. The term you pick should not matter. We will use your language. Undocumented workers should be deported.

Of course if they do this they also need to allow access to anyone living anywhere else.
If you give access to the Library system to people that are not legally in the country then you can't stop anyone else having access either.


If they broke the LAW, you cannot argue the fact they are illegal immigrants. If you walk into a store, fill up a bag of items, walk out without paying (breaking the law) can't argue that you've merely made an "undocumented" purchase.
When my grandmother and grandfather's families immigrated to the USA, they had to show they would be able to support themselves and their families. They had to have at least a certain amount of money, be in decent health, and know a trade in demand.
Have you stopped to research what Mexico does to handle their "undocumented residents" from their southern borders? They ship then back no questions asked (if they're lucky) or they kill them.
For the record, I'm a democrat.

Give me a stinking break. Most of us came from somewhere else via our grand parents or even parents. They all had to prove up they could support themselves, provide paper work etc before entering this country. Most of the other countries if you attempt to just move there require that you MUST support yourself and you are not allowed on their health systems or their types of welfare systems.

We are the only stupid looking country who claims "well if you are not documented" no worries we will still give you access to everything. So why bother going through the system based on this stupid concept? Who voted for this guy anyways? Solve the problem and open the borders requiring nothing of those who enter in then see what happens to those of us who are documented, paying taxes and abide the law.

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