Setting a Reading Record While Running a Bookstore

Amanda Patchin, 27 year-old owner of Veritas Fine Books, Garden City, Idaho, wants to increase the numbers of readers in this country. Her goal is to read 200 books–79,349 pages–this year. The marathon read is Patchin’s response to the bad news about reading habits as summed up in last year’s NEA report, “To Read or Not To Read: A Question of National Consequence.” One of the findings was that young Americans spend an average of only seven minutes a day reading for pleasure.

The story in the Idaho Statesman, tells about Patchin’s goal, and a blog she is starting in connection with reaching her goal…200 books, where she sums it up this way: “200 books in 2008. Selected from Everyman’s Library. Reading while caring for a toddler and a new baby and running a small business. With daily blog posts chronicling the attempt. Yeah, I’m nuts.”