School shelves gather dust

Gary D. Price sent over a Sad Little Story on The Patriot Elementary School\’s new library in Bakersfield, California.

For about 565 pupils, the library has just more than 3,000 books, far below the state Department of Education\’s goal of 20 \”updated, relevant, enticing books per student.\”

According to Patriot Principal Diane Dalton and library clerk Kelly Lawrence, the school hopes to accumulate at least 8,000 more books within the next four years, at around $20 a pop for good hardbacks. That\’s about $160,000.

\”It\’s funny,\” Jeffus said. \”You can get money to fund a new building, but you have a limited amount of startup funding for a library. It\’s a rare new school library that looks like it\’s adequate. Parents walk in and the buildings are beautiful but the shelves are very empty.\”