Ripping Books

We’ve all heard about “ripping” CDs to MP3. I’d wager that most of us have even done it a time or two. Me, I’ll stop ripping CDs just about the time I can figure out a better way to get them on my iPod.

Now, a new machine offers the same thing to consumers, except with books. Using the handy-dandy Atiz Booksnap, you too can digitize your books at a rate of 500 pages per hour. One hitch though, you have to provide your own camera. Oh wait, two hitches, you also have to flip the pages yourself. No no no, three hitches. You have to provide two cameras. Yet this fantastic little unit comes in at a consumer friendly price of only US$1,595.*

More information from Business Wire and commentary over at Engadget.

*Sorry to sound so flip, but it’s really not a $1,600 book digitizer if you have to provide two cameras. This is one of those things that, upon seeing how it works, I’m 90% certain I could build something like it in my workshop and outfit it with a couple cameras for less than a grand. Still, it’s an interesting tool and possibly a step in the right direction.