Reporter Looking For Homeless Library Stories

Ann The Hollywood Librarian writes:
Monica Hesse, the Washington Post reporter who filed this
terrific story
is working on another librarian piece. She emailed me
with this:

“Several of the people I spoke with at Hollywood Librarian’s premiere
mentioned how many homeless individuals came into their libraries to use
the computers. I’m really interested in this concept–how homeless people
can use the free technology in libraries to gain a degree of normalcy in
their lives. I’m particularly interested in finding out if any of them use
the computers to play virtual reality games like Second Life, in which they
could set up a house, etc, or if they use networking sites like MySpace.

I’m collecting stories of homeless people using technology in libraries,
and if you have one I would love to hear from you–especially if you have a
user who has become a “regular” in your library. I can be reached at
[email protected] or at 202-334-4831. And please, forward this on
to every public librarian you know–the more stories I have, the more
justice I can do to this story.

Contact this fine reporter with your story. She’s wonderful to talk to.