Reagan Library Might Hold the Key to John Roberts POV

In the sphere of “freedom of information”, most Americans (at least the ones that I know) would like to know more about Bush Supreme Court nominee, Judge John Roberts, who worked for two previous presidential administrations…for President Reagan, as special assistant to Attorney General William French Smith and in the White House counsel’s office, and for the first President Bush, as principal deputy solicitor general. The White House (and the attorney general)maintains that this latter position is subject to lawyer-client privilege and thus off limits.

So then, it’s information from the Reagan Presidential Library that will reveal any tidbits about Mr. Roberts and his judicial philosophy. Not surprisingly, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez doesn’t want too much revealed, but Sen. Patrick Leahy, top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, had said earlier that material written in confidence while serving in an administration has been provided in the past – for instance by Reagan when he nominated William H. Rehnquist for chief justice.

“The Senate should see all relevant material related to Judge Roberts’ nomination. We trust that members of the Judiciary Committee and the White House will work out a way for the Senate to review this material,” said Rebecca Kirszner, spokeswoman for Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada..

AP story here, and one from the NYTimes .