‘Quiet please?’ Not at Clinton library

A couple more stories on the new Clinton Library.

This One says that Far from trying to cover up the unsavory moments of the Clinton administration, city leaders call them the library\’s main selling point and a key to the city\’s future.

\”The controversy will make our library much more interesting, much more attractive, It\’s the dull libraries that you worry about.\” said Skip Rutherford, a local advertising executive and professional Friend of Bill\”

Also, Lee Hadden writes: \”The Wall Street Journal for March 6, 2002, has a short article on page
B8 by Dean Starkman, \”Library Lure.\” It describes how the Clinton
Presidential Library site was chosen in part to help lead with the
revitalization of Little Rock, and how new companies such as Acxion and
Moses Tucker Real Estate are moving into what was formerly a rundown
warehouse district along the Arkansas River waterfront.