Public Library leads researchers in finding a cure

Helene Blowers writes “Yup, that’s the headline I would love see in print one day and given the most recent feedback that we’ve received from the coordinators of the World Community Grid project, Team PLCMC is actually not far off from this reality — seriously!!!!

In less than 8 months, the computers within Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County have already contributed over 36 years worth (yes! that’s right, 36 years) of computing run time towards helping to solve some of the world’s most critical medical needs. Problems such as fighting AIDS, curing Muscular Dystrophy, defeating Cancer, understanding the structure of human proteins, and helping to unravel the mysteries of the human genome have been assisted by computers within the PLCMC system providing the equivalent in processing time of a several small supercomputer centers. Read the full scoop and find out how your library can also get involved here.