Program/conference reports invited

Walt writes “Here’s the posting I just sent to four lists, and will also be suggesting as a story–but here, it has HTML!

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large , a free web-based journal of libraries, policy, technology and media, is now accepting and inviting program and conference reports in areas appropriate for C&I’s readership.

It’s a chance to be published in a widely-read venue, with as little editing as possible, with a byline–and in a timely fashion (aiming for 2 to 6 weeks between receipt of reports and publication).

Full details are at the Reporting page of C&I.

If you’re not a C&I reader, take a look at one or two issues ( will lead you to all of them); it never makes sense to contribute to a publication you don’t read or understand!

And if you’re unsure whether a program or conference is “appropriate,” or have questions that the site doesn’t answer, just drop me a line: [email protected]

Thanks–and I look forward to seeing, editing, and publishing your reports!”