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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #131

This week's episode brings some quick hits and references WikiLeaks.

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Since PNLA-L has all these updates on TSA...

As I've seen quite a bit of chatter on library-related e-mail reflectors, it is perhaps best to mirror the new signage the TSA just put out for holiday travel. I'm attaching the PDF here so it will distribute outward as a booklet as far as iTunes is concerned in the podcast feed. Podcast feeds can handle more than just audio and video files...

You can find more signage and the government PSA we'll likely be airing here:

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #130

Somehow we survived last week's re-transmission of an old-timey Thanksgiving special. This week's episode brings a zeitgeist update and a news miscellany. A book review was planned but that is being held back for a later episode.

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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #129

This week's episode is a Thanksgiving special bringing a retransmission of the The Durante-Moore Show from 1946. A quick look at the zeitgeist is also presented.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #128

This week's episode is shared between LISTen: An Podcast and The Burning Circle. There was supposed to be an interview with Blake Carver of LISHost that did not air due to a lack of sufficient recoverable audio after a telecommunications disruption incident. This week's episode runs down the zeitgeist at LISNews while also talking about news in the Ubuntu realm of Ohio. An essay is presented by Producer Gloria about funding of public institutions. A news miscellany is also presented. Related links: Easter eggs found in Google Maps Techworld Australia on Ubuntu leaping from Xorg to Wayland Ars Technica on the jump to Wayland Michael Geist on Fair Use in the UK BBC News on Burma falling off the Internet Craig Labovitz at Arbor Networks about Burma falling off the Internet The Register on NewScientist's discussion of in-flight communications NewScientist on in-flight communications The Greenstone & Koha integrated LiveCD is released! The Open Respect Project

Reflections On Three Years

LISNews is celebrating its 11th birthday. The podcast is getting set to celebrate its 3rd anniversary in a few weeks. As always it seems to be my perennial worry in production comes down to infrastructure.

We've had some major backbone failures recently. Our cable broadband provider had a major outage event Monday that has us offline for a while. The only other alternative locally for broadband is asynchronous digital subscriber line and even that has reliability issues locally. In the 17th of 50 states in what should arguably be considered a first-world nation, access to the Internet is hardly reliable at all. While there was an attempt in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to ameliorate such digital divide issues through the provision of grants, that entire funding program was scrapped to provide the funds to shore up local education agency budgets in the United States reportedly to prevent teacher layoffs.

For now we have GPRS service on a prepaid basis as a stopgap recovery measure in the event of a back-end failure. That is only a stopgap patch and is not a permanent fix. Air cards and the like are available out here but the network connectivity is at least two generations behind what you might find in your average urban metro. There are areas within easy driving distance that are some of the most remote on the planet with no cellular carriers providing any coverage at all.

For Internet-based transmission of multimedia content, this area is hardly optimal. It also highlights the possible failure of the vision of a cloud-based future. For a cloud-based future to truly work, wide-area saturation of minimal access levels would be necessary. Radio waves handle that easily through physical propagation that follows simple laws of physics which makes broadcasting possible. With a network of networks like the Internet, signals do not necessarily have the same metaphorical landscape to propagate across that the ionosphere provides radio waves. Radio waves can move at the speed of light under optimal conditions. While the Internet can open new means of communicating, it does not provide the same relative uniformity the physical world around us has been able to in terms of communications medium.

Three years of podcasting has been interesting. The fourth year is appearing to be one of new challenges that have to be faced. We spent the summer of 2010 preparing for the loss of effective Skype access by improving our communications links. Skype is great...when you have a fast enough data link to support it. With the way our local infrastructure is starting to fall apart, we just do not have that anymore. Between now having to keep costs down let alone scheduling complications that we previously did not have, there are real reasons there have not been as many interviews as previously.

Keeping the program published on a regular basis is the next challenge we have to face. We'll be continuing to price alternative means of accessing the Internet and, if necessary, taking steps to begin alternative links. Time will tell where things progress.

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The Desk Setup: A Look At Librarian Computers

The Desk Setup

Like many technologists, I may have had some vague notion that librarians had something to contribute to discussions about information and metadata and standards and access, but my concept of what librarians did and what they knew probably had more to do with stereotypes and anecdote than on an understanding of reality. Which is a shame. Although in the last few years I think we’ve done a really good job of making clearer connections between libraries and technology, I don’t think anyone is surprised when librarians are omitted from discussions about and between prominent technologists, such as the one facilitated by the Setup. (Note: by “librarians” I mean anyone who works in, with, or for libraries. Hat tip to Eli Neiburger for saying what I’d been thinking, only less clearly, for some time before he said those words out loud.)

Have a ballot issue coming up in two weeks?

A Levy Campaign Sign Does your library have a levy coming to a vote on November 2nd? Let us know in the comments so that we might spread word.

Programming Notice for LISTen 125

Due to circumstance beyond our control and by decision of the Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions, episode #125 of LISTen: An Podcast shall be delayed in its release until 2130 Eastern Time on October 18th. To convert this to your own local time, please consult at this link: We apologize for any inconvenience caused hereby.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #123

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #122

This week's episode is not graced by that man of mystery, Blake Carver. In lieu thereof we check the zeitgeist for stories AND blog posts, bring an essay about the comments debate on-site, and a quick news miscellany.

Eventually Blake will be making an appearance. We're working on it.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #118

This week's episode is a quick look at last week's zeitgeist, highlights of the "slushpile", and an editorial from Mike Kellat, the owner of Erie Looking Productions. A related commentary released online by Ontario public broadcaster TVO from commentator Jesse Brown connected to the editorial can be found here directly as an M4V video file. Due to communications complications the audio payload was originally uploaded over GPRS via a Nokia E71x. Cable broadband is having issues locally apparently relative to throughput. Related links: Matt Welch on FTC regulating online reviews The Ohio News Network on teen texting Nielsen on mobile phone usage stats Keith Cowing at NASA Watch about the reach of The results of the tool Cowing referenced concerning turned to instead Gnash Release Leo Laporte versus Social Media Leo Laporte on the Google Buzz bug


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