Perv looks at child porn, not@your library.

mdoneil writes “Some disgusting piece of human flotsam was arrested for looking at child pornography at a public computer in a Houston community center.

This waste of cytoplasm is currently on probation for posession of child pornography.

He looks very happy in his booking photo.

Perhaps they might want to reconsider his probation since that seemed not to work in this case. If convicted of then new charge (not to mention found culpable of the VOP) this pervert should be put in the deepest darkest corner of the prison never to see the light of day again until his death. Only one group, the producers of child pornography deserve a more severe punishment.

I cannot express how much I hate these people, how much I want to beat them within an inch of their lives. These are the only people, those that prey on children, that could possibly change my stand on the death penalty.

Thank our lucky stars it was not in the library — for many reasons.”