Patriot Act Will Be Blocked by Six Senators Who Want Minimal Civil Liberties Protections Included.

is reporting that six senators will try to block passage of the
Patriot Act because it’s renewal is not including minimal protections for
civil liberties by requiring a judge to review the secret warrants the
FBI is using to force libraries and other institutions to provide patron
and customer information to the government law enforcement agency. The
Senators also complained the law does not include forcing the government
to tell American citizens within seven to 30 days that their homes or businesses
were secretly searched.

The six American Senators wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary committee
and Senate Intelligence committee about their concerns. The three Republicans,
Larry Craig (Idaho), John Sununu (New Hampshire) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska),
and the three Democrats, Dick Durbin (Illinois), Russ Feingold (Wisconsin)
and Ken Salazar (Colorado), had previously sponsored some of the changes
that provided the modest civil liberties that are now being removed in
a House-Senate ironing out of the Patriot Act renewal.