Paper Passe on U.S. Campuses

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

\”I love libraries. Books talk to me,\” says Madeline M. Wake, dean of the nursing school at Marquette University, who will become provost in August. She likes to walk through the stacks and pull out books that catch her eye. \”As I was growing in my education, that\’s the way I processed stuff,\” she says.

But her students learn differently. They turn to the Internet instead of books. So she\’s looking forward to a new library at Marquette, to be stocked with computers and digital-media centers. She hopes that they will help teach a generation raised more on cathode-ray tubes than printing presses.

\”My guess is that people are reading the things that they really rely on for information online,\” Ms. Wake says. \”So to pretend that we\’re living in yesterday isn\’t helpful.\”

Complete article. The Chronicle recently held an online chat on this topic.