Oregon’s ‘attic’ is a treasure-trove of history

From the News – StatesmanJournal.com:

‘If you were to compress it into a more-or-less manageable form, you might get a 100,000-square-foot, nondescript, pale blue warehouse in an industrial district of Gresham, which nonetheless holds the heart and soul of the Oregon Historical Society.

The mantra of the Portland-based society is that its collection of artifacts includes more than 85,000 items. The truth is no one really knows for sure.

…The collection, some of which filters into exhibits such as the current “Oregon My Oregon” at the downtown museum, includes ancient objects from the earliest settlements and objects that illustrate exploration in the Oregon Country, the growth of business and industry, the development of artwork, crafts and maritime history, among many topics.

The society doesn’t go to eBay, estate sales or auctions for any of this. Most items come from people who sense they have value.

…But the general public will find the warehouse off-limits. There are precious few people to look after the valuables, let alone shepherd visitors through the stacks of stuff.’

The OHS does have a standard museum in Portland, open to the public.