One’s reading habits are all too public, like it or not

Fred D. writes “Nothing really new here, but St. Paul Pioneer Press Laura Billings summarizes recent PATRIOT Act-related developments, and discusses why people should be taking more of an interest. An excerpt:

“My good friends at sent me an e-mail the other day telling me about several new offerings that — based on our previous relationship — they knew I’d just love. The list included a new book about the Irish Republican Army, the new DVD of “Black Hawk Down” and a Celestron Nexstar 60GT telescope with a 2.4-inch diameter refractor.

It’s true those kids at Amazon know my buying habits pretty well. After all, my family includes one guy obsessed with Irish history and another who loves military movies, and I have a sort of a thing for high-tech optical gadgets.

Of course, if you don’t know me so well, you could also conclude that I have a strange fascination with English-speaking terrorists, enjoy films about failed U.N. peacekeeping missions and want to watch my neighbors through a 700 mm lens.”

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