OLA: The First 100 Days

You might wonder why the ALA needs an office called the Office for Library Advocacy. I sure do. Shouldn’t the entire organization be the Association for Library Advocacy? Are they really so busy debating stupid council resolutions they needed to set up a new office for something that should be a primary function? But I digress…

In any case… Over at ALA Marganalia They Have A Post “OLA: The First 100 Days.” ALA’s newest office, the Office for Library Advocacy (OLA), became official at the start of ALA’s fiscal year, September 1, 2007. Its existence is a direct response to ALA member needs identified through a number of surveys over the last several years. Advocacy is one of six goal areas in the ALA Ahead to 2010 strategic plan.

The purpose of OLA is to support the efforts of library advocates at the local, state and national level. The office works to create resources, training and peer-to-peer networks to help local advocates fulfill their local advocacy goals for the improvement of libraries of all types.

It looks like at least one office has some worthy goals!