Of Cesspools and Logistics

So, we’ve got our own in-house cesspool

I recognize that The Annoyed Librarian made light of the grocery purchase link that takes you to Amazon. You have to remember that Ashtabula is in an odd location. Our local groceries that survive have selections that are decreasing in breadth. 2011 and 2012 have been years where the big news has been the departure of stores and sellers rather than grand openings. According to Mapquest, it remains an almost 45 mile trip one-way just to get to the closest outlet of Barnes and Noble. To get to a decent grocery store in terms of selection (i.e. they have more than just one generic bland flavor of decaf), it is a 25 mile trip one-way. The next closest array of groceries and other shopping locations that offer shopping selection variety are 40 miles away one-way.

Considering the price of gasoline, we’re more than happy to offload the logistics cost to Amazon instead. We’ve done a couple test runs purchasing decaf tea from Amazon’s grocery section to good effect. Groceries can’t be returned to Amazon and we would have a hard time reselling such. Instead of financial support possibly being put to interesting uses, food purchased from the link in show posts has one destination: appetites of Air Staff members.

Instead of getting any production or writing done this morning, Roto Rooter is visiting this morning. This is not a free visit as we have an in-house cesspool that we did not previously know about. We also had a mixer board die during the middle of production Sunday night. The food purchases picked at the wishlist link are bulk buys that would definitely be eaten that would let us reallocate dollars from grocery purchasing to replacing and fixing hardware.

Sometimes we forget to mention what the rationale behind actions are. While I hunt down the check book to pay the gentleman from Roto Rooter, that’s something you can think about…

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