Ocmulgee Georgia PL indictment

drdata writes “The Savannah, Georgia Morning News reports this morning that David Wilson, former director of the Ocmulgee, Georgia Public Library has been indicted:
“David Wilson of Eastman accused of multiple thefts and witness tampering. A former middle Georgia library official faces multiple charges of theft and one count of witness tampering.
The federal grand jury in Savannah indicted David C. Wilson of Eastman, Tuesday in U.S. District Court.
The accusations follow a long state and federal investigation that sent shudders through Georgia’s library system, which has been finding it increasingly more difficult to attract state funds. But the indictment failed to end speculation that there might be more charges or defendants.”

The text has been posted internally on Georgia listservs. Google news reports this link: savannahnow.com
Onerous registration required. There will doubtless be more stories appearing in other sources.”