NYTimes – The Ethicist – Addresses Librarians ‘Helping’ Kids with their Homework

kctipton writes Here’s the lastest ‘The Ethicist’ column as found in today’s NYTimes. One of the posed questions has to do with being a librarian dunned to help with homework.

I am a reference librarian with a public library. Almost daily, parents ask for help with a child’s school assignment. Sometimes the child accompanies the parent, but more frequently the parent comes to the library alone. I believe that it is unethical for a parent to basically do a child’s homework, and I do not like aiding and abetting it. What should I do?

and the start of the reply:

Parents who do their children’s work certainly are behaving badly, both ethically (by making their kids something akin to plagiarists) and pedagogically (by depriving them of a chance to learn to do research). Neither of these transgressions, however, is sufficient for you to withhold your services.

There’s more that I didn’t quote, so go read it!”