The return of the librarian


Concerned about your looks? Why not try "librarian glasses" (c. mid-20th century) for a change? This year's Academy Awards saw Liv Tyler wearing them. Here's a pic of the lovely Liv.


nuff said.

The time has come for some new specs, and, armed with a fresh scrip, I'm heading for some chi-chi shops in the nearest metro area this weekend. I'm thinking something along the lines of NuLady> or the Lady Royale. Not!

In the 70s and 80s when huge round shaped lenses and frames were so stylish, we used to call those "Wanda the Witch" glasses. I remember trying to get my mother-in-law to give hers up and modernize her look a bit. Now they are baaaaaaaack.

I've got librarian's lasik (TM)

Dear god no! Why can't '80s fashion stay buried, already?

Why not!? I love the lady royales!

Look, at least leisure suits haven't made a comeback. I can't believe I used to have one of those in high school. Ughh!

Wanda the witch glasses were like Liv's, not the 80s style. In the 80s, those narrow, dark framed things were so yesterday.