Pupils turn librarians

An Anonymous Patron refers us to this story about a library in South London letting YA's select some of the new books for the library.


Maybe if this becomes sucessful enough, libraries won't even need those pesky librarians at all! Why hire librarians when the students can choose their own materials? Just some food for thought.

Yeah, it would be a lot cheaper!;-) But seriously, I think getting input from a particular population about collection development for a particular population is an interesting idea.

For example, when we wanted to "flesh out" our Spanish language fiction collection, we considered doing surverys and having informal groups to find out what the patrons want!

Granted, that is different from actually handing over the money, but I think in this case, it may serve as somewhat of a "bridge" to the population, i.e., the YA's.

Just my two cents.