A cure for linkrot?


In his article Create Your Own Online Web Page Archive Chris Sherman reviews a new solution to lost bookmarks:

"Furl combines the best features of a bookmark manager and a weblog with your own, permanent online cache of web pages -- and makes them searchable, to boot.

Furl ("file URL") is a promising new service that's unlike any other I've come across. It solves the "disappearing bookmark" problem -- pages that for one reason or another vanish, making your bookmarks useless. It does this by actually storing a copy of the page for you on Furl's own servers."

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This would have been nice to have before the ALA 'redesigned' the website into the nightmare that it has become.

I will give them some credit, they are making improvements. My mother was always telling me to leave well enough alone, too bad the ALA didn't do just that.