Blame the Librarian (for the Pop-up Free Song Lyrics)


nbruce writes "I was looking for the lyrics to "Killing Me Softly" and came across the website, Song Lyrics Library or as I call it, Blame the Librarian. The disclaimer says:

'All lyrics are provided for informational and educational purposes only, mostly for my wife who's a librarian who's sick of getting hammered with pop-ups at work when someone asks her to look for a song lyric.'

If the webmaster is a contributor to, thank you."


The interface is an improvement over the pop-up hell that comes with lyric searching, but the indexing is goofy. Aaron Neville is under A. A Flock of Seagulls is under A. Not whatcha call library-quality indexing. But, heck, maybe you can call it patron-friendly indexing, since the way libraries do things tend to befuddle a good chunk of our users. I'll certainly pass the link along.