Collapse of county library system feared


Pete writes "Grim news story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the potential collapse of the reciprocal borrowing program of the Milwaukee County Federated Library System(Available here). Quoting the article, "It costs about $2 for a library to lend a book or other item to a non-resident.", with the total annual cost near $1.4 million.


More proof that ILL is an LIE...Libraries still justify the trashingof their collections with the rationalethat they can borrow requested materialsfrom others...even when they have nointention of doing so because of thecost of the expensive, inefficient,bureaucratic systems they set up for ILL.Of course, those who can afford to do sobuy the book they need from OOP vendors onthe web. But those who can't afford to buythe book can just "eat cake"!