OCLC and The Library Hotel settle trademark complaint


OCLC Is Annoucning they have reached a settlement agreement regarding the use of the Dewey Decimal Classification® system trademarks by The Library Hotel.

Both parties are say they are "pleased."


Yeah, but what's going to happen when another profit-making corporation wants to use the system to classify cans of soup or something?

I heard that Tori Amos uses Dewey classification for her songs in her new "best of" CD (haven't seen the CD yet myself, so I can't verify this).

You cannot trademark a system. OCLC cannot keep anyone from using the dewey system. Under certain circumstances they can keep them from using the dewey name.

If I set up a for profit library and want to use the dewey decimal system OCLC cannot stop me from using the system.

Ah, but does she order them according to their Dewey classifications?

There is a big difference between fear of a cease-and-desist (the cost associated with a pending lawsuit) and the law. Too often corporations send those cease-and-desist letters just to get people to back off, and it works.

I'm going to go organize my pantry using the dewey system now. Maybe my sock drawer as well.

Or maybe I'll just name my next child Dewey D. McBride.