Acer Offers Free Wireless for K-12 Education

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Acer Offers Free Wireless for K-12 Education

Acer America Corp. has announced the "Wi-Fi 101" initiative, which will provide free wireless access points and installation to select K-12 schools nationwide. With the support of Intel Corp., Acer America will canvas and select one school in each qualified school district for Wi-Fi 101, with up to 120 schools participating nationwide for the program. Each designated school will be eligible for the installation of up to four access points in two different locations at no cost to the school or the school district.

Wireless connectivity can enable K-12 environments to enjoy the advantages of technology such as Internet access without incurring the more expensive infrastructure costs often associated with hard-wiring. Wireless technology also accelerates the availability of advanced networking in environments where hard-wiring is not a viable option. The intent of Acer is to be in the forefront of providers to education environments, offering solutions that will help speed the penetration of technology into education.

The installation of the wireless access points requires no funding or manpower contribution on the part of schools or district personnel. Interested schools are invited to contact Acer at, or their local Acer reseller for details on applying for the program. Upon approval, Acer America will arrange for a site inspection of existing network connections. Up to two wireless sites employing four access points will be installed at each participating school, with the library, cafeteria or computer laboratory being the obvious choices for their Wi-Fi hotspots.

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but do you think you could possibly give us some context to this press release... and maybe spare us the header graphic? You're smart with WiFi, what's YOUR take on this?

Okay, I will repsond on this. I think this is an opportunity and really a no-brainer to do. It does not cost the isntitutions anything. The tchnology is osund and Acer has a good reputation.