Kids from TV-Watching Families May have Reading Trouble


Very young children who live in homes where the television is on most of the time may have more trouble learning how to read than other kids their age, according to a study of media habits of children up to 6 years old.

"Watching TV is far inferior to playing with toys, being read to or playing with adults or talking with parents," said Dr. Henry Shapiro, chairman of developmental and behavior pediatrics at the American Academy of Pediatrics. "Watching TV without a parent is a junk experience, especially for young children."

The Full Story from the Star-Tribune

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Since the Strib wants you to register, I thought I'd link to Google News' list of other sources for this story. Also, here's the report itself from the Kaiser Family Foundation website.

This is just silly. Books were valued in my home growing up and I was read to all the time. But my mom still insists that Big Bird (or everyone else on Sesame Street) taught me how to read.

Watching television doesn't cause kids to not read, it's the lack of other activities, including being read to, that are the cause.

Thank you Karl for posting the original report URL. Where is your local bookstore, Novel Idea? (you mentioned them in your previous comment). Libraries (and librarians) can be of help to our local bookstores by patronizing them in lieu of the chains and Amazon. Community-oriented institutions should stick together!

Unfortunately, as noted in my journal, our partnership with Novel Idea wasn't enough to keep them afloat. They announced this week that they're closing.