Full Salary for Molly Raphael (Oregonian Coverage)

Darci Chapman writes "Another article regarding how the full amount of Molly Raphael's salary as Multnomah County Library Director will be paid; and a somewhat tounge-in-cheek editorial"

From the editorial, which has recommended readings for all those involved:
"Raphael may never shake the negative association about the salary, though she isn't to blame for accepting a job offer and refusing to be pushed around. For her, we recommend "Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don't Deserve," by Lewis Smedes. It's available at the Midland branch of the county library system."


Hey....let's face it. When any of us are offered jobs, we negotiate, get it in writing, then accept/deny the offer. If the employer cannot afford the offer it put forward, then they need to make some sort of counter. I wouldn't blame anyone for getting all that they can from a potential employer. Blame the employer, not the employee.

I remember when I was accepted into graduate school for my MSc. The offer letter stated that I would be paid a stipend of $16K/year as compensation for my research, although after I accepted and started, the pay was $12K/year. They compensated my $1000 for the error. Not as good as if the pay were as it was supposed to be, but I had little legal recourse in that situation.

In the real world there are very few guarantees. But an accepted offer is as good as gold. I'd fight for everything to be included in it (including severance if you are ever laid off).