A Gnu Kind of Search

Submitted by Steven on Wed, 05/31/2000 - 23:51

ABCnews.com has this neat article on a possible new type of search engine based on file swapping software.
\" The loose group of open-source programmers responsible for the controversial Gnutella file-swapping software have turned their technology into what they say is a powerful new Web search tool.\"
\"By adapting the same technology now used to swap MP3 music files between hundreds of thousands of computer users, they say they’ve created a search engine that can be more up-to-date and potentially more targeted than search sites such as Yahoo or Lycos.\"
\"They’ve posted a rudimentary trial version — what they call a “proof of technology” — at www.infrasearch.com. The bare-bones site is short on design and functionality at this point but provides a look at a search tool that goes beyond the capabilities of most existing Web search engines. “This is just something we’re doing to show what is possible,” said Gene Kan, one of the programmers who has taken a lead on the project. “We want to prove to the world that Gnutella is more than just music piracy and child porn.”