WV librarian working with Danish director Lars von Trier


Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Steve Fesenmaier, past director of Film Services for the WV Library Commission, is working with Danish director Lars von Trier on his next film. He is writing a screenplay, \"Dear Wendy,\" that will be directed by Thomas Vinterberg. Vinterberg made a sensation in 1998 with his first feature, \"The Celebration,\" nominated for many international awards. Von Trier\'s location expert Nanna Sylvest Viero found Fesenmaier thru his Appalachian video website - http://www.ferrum.edu/applit/bibs/wvvideobib.htm.
At first he was going to send various videos to her in Copenhagen, but she decided to fly from there to Charleston two weeks ago. She spent a week touring Southern WV coal fields towns with WV filmmaker B.J. Gudmundsson, collecting picture, video, and other information. Von Trier is famous for hating to travel, not even going to Cannes to collect awards for his two hits, \"Breaking the Waves\" and \"Dancer in the Dark.\" Vinterberg will be shooting the film in Denmark and WV/Va. in summer 1993. Von Trier will be presenting his newest film, \"Dogville,\" starring Nichole Kidman, at Cannes in May 2003. Vinterberg will also be releasing his new film, \"It\'s All About Love,\" starring Claire Danes and Joaquin Phoenix.
Press release for film - in Danish
http://www.zentropa.dk/content/db/database.asp \"

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