Colin Powell Burns Books!

Okay, you got me. He may have not directly burned books, but in the below quotes he mentions throwing books out. If he\'s not going to use them, shouldn\'t he at least be donating them or recycling them?Everyone reading this will be able to recite the litany of atrocities found in Powell\'s methods of researching.

But I have a search engine on my screen all day long so that if I need to know anything about anything or anybody, or whatever, I just throw it in the search engine and it\'s faster than me reaching for a dictionary or reaching for an encyclopedia, or reaching for a reference book. So I just threw them all out.

I told my staff: \"I no longer have any encyclopedias, any dictionaries, or any reference materials anywhere in my office, whatsoever, I don\'t need them. I\'ve stopped using all reference materials because you don\'t need it. All you need is a search engine.

Here\'s the full speech.