Google News Search Breakdown.


News Search, while still calling
itself \"beta,\" is already an \"alpha\" amongst news
search engines
.  Its news breakdown includes: Top
/ World
/ Business
/ Sci/Tech
/ Sports
/ Entertainment
& Health

Like AltaVista\'s news
(via Moreover), Google
is including thumbnails of photographs from some news stories, though Google
is being far more aggressive in its \'transformative fair use\' of the images. 
Google is also a NYTimes partner,
offering direct, \'no registration needed\' links to NYTimes articles.

Some of the most useful features are the \"related\" links that
bring up similar articles from any of about 4,000 news sources currently
being crawled by Google.  The \"In the News\" feature appears
to be a top 10 Zeitgeist
of current news events.  Doing a news search defaults to \"Sorted
by relevance
,\" so click the \"Sort by date\" button for a 30 day
chronological display of backdated news articles.  Read more: about
google news