Gagged by Google


Thanks to Library Juice for this one:

It began when [Body Shop founder and Google advertiser Anita] Roddick posted a short comment on her site about actor John Malkovich\'s public threat to shoot Scottish Member of Parliament George Galloway and Independent reporter Robert Fisk. (Malkovich railed against critics of Israel at a high-profile speech at Cambridge University.)

\"John Malkovich often plays disturbed and dangerous men in his films,\" wrote Roddick, \"maybe he\'s not acting. His threat to shoot Robert Fisk for his honest reportage on Israel is but further evidence that Malkovich is a vomitous worm.\"

\"Vomitous worm\" didn\'t go down well with Google. Shortly after Roddick made the comment, she got word that the advertising staff at the search engine were suspending her ad campaign. \"They said that my ad violated their editorial policy against \'sites that advocate against groups or individuals,\'\" writes Roddick.

Full story from Alternet.

An interesting article, but I have to take issue with their characterization of the Body Shop as a \"notable socially-responsible\" buisness.