Watching the (search engine) Watchers - an alt.use


Larry Gainor writes \"Search Engine Report just published a story headlined \"An Egyptian Stumper for Google\" concerning a search for an ancient Egyptian recipe for funerary bread. The author was unable to find the recipe using Google, but found this page with Vivisimo. From which result, he drew the conclusion that \"This just goes to show that Google really doesn\'t always find everything right off, or more importantly, that different search engines have different \"opinions\" of the web. The same query used at a different search engine may come through for you, so consider shopping it around.\"
Sensible advice, however checking Google\'s Usenet archive, I found a post from Nicole Hansen asserting that \"Absolutely no food recipes from ancient Egypt survive. Therefore this [recipe posted earlier in thread] is not an ancient Egyptian recipe.\"

More below... When asked for a source, Hansen responded: \"I am a graduate student in Egyptology at the University of Chicago and
have been studying Egyptology for 8 years. I have a particular interest in ancient Egyptian food and if anyone would like any specific references, I would be happy to provide them, although I can\'t guarantee them to be in
By way of providing further data for those interested in comparing the authority of the Vivisimo and Google (Groups) results, here\'s a link to a web page of Ms. Hansen\'s