Google\'s New Policy On DMCA Censorship From Scientology Flap.


The Church
of Scientology has used the DMCA
[Google] in attempt to prohibit the Google search engine results from linking
to which church lawyers claim includes
copyrighted material that exceeds fair use.

new policy is to provide
a copy of the complaint that includes the complete URL of the \'offending\'
link.  This is reproduced as a text citation.

When a search
query would have returned an \'offending\' link, Google links to the copy
of the complaint at

uses \"helatrobus\"
[Google] as an example.  At the bottom of the Google return is the
statement: \"In response to a complaint we received under the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act
, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page.
If you wish, you may read
the DMCA complaint
for these removed results.\"

\"The result,\"
suggests NYTimes journalist David F. Gallagher, \"is that a complaint could
end up drawing more attention to the very pages it is trying to block.\"
-20020422 \"Google
Runs Into Copyright Dispute.
\" -By David F. Gallagher  -NYTimes

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20020422 \"Google Runs Into Copyright Dispute.\" 
-By David F. Gallagher  -NYTimes
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