'Shine' Withdrawn as NBA Young People’s Literature Nominee

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Amazon still list the book as a "2011 National Book Award Finalist" on the page for the book. From the book page you can click on a link to get to a list of the National Book Award Finalist. On that page Chime is shown and not Shine. You should look at Shine on Amazon just to see the cover; it is pretty. When you look at the page for Chime there is a section at the bottom of the page that says "Frequently Bought Together" and Chime and Shine are listed together. Not surprising because of this incident just interesting to see how these books now have intertwined lives.

It turns out there will be only five nominations in the Young People Literature category of the National Book Awards. After receiving a request from the National Book Foundation that she withdraw her book from nomination, Lauren Myracle consented, a move that dropped Shine from the list.

Last week, Chime by Franny Billingsley was added as a sixth nominee to the category, and Harold Augenbraum, NBF executive director, confirmed Monday that NBF staff had originally misheard Shine by Lauren Myracle for Chime when the list of nominees was read by the judges over the phone.

Judges...enunciate! Publishers Weekly has the story.