Apparently This Sign Was Necessary

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I guess that are not all that much for law and order as they say they are.

My law, your order, please

Constitutional fundamentals, ladies and gentlemen.

Liberals are idiots.

That's a very intelligent remark...

Conservatives are vandals.

Oh please. In my neighborhood (suburb of Philly) there were countless acts of vandalism on homes that had McCain posters out front. Not only were they constantly stolen and defaced, the houses were too. At one point, one of my neighbors had to literally drill the metal poster into one of their trees about 20 feet in the air. Apparently too inaccessible for your average effete liberal, that remained, and still remains, unscathed.

The houses were stolen? What trailer park was this with the McCain posters out front?

because they're either trailer parks or mansions right? either racist or greedy, either rednecks or evil wall street businessmen. there's really nothing like the intolerance of liberals to turn one to the right.

An English class might help you out a bit at understanding what he was making fun of.

That was a great thread to follow,
keep it up,

& Mr. English Class,
maybe a Writing class might help you out a bit at understanding the irony of what He was making fun of.

so you assume those McCain signs were attacked by "liberals"? Why? I also live in a burb of philly. i've seen all sorts of yard signs ripped out and tossed around. A coupla drunk teenagers wandering the streets of springfield will vandalize any target that presents itself. Your assumption that it was liberals attacking the signs is misplaced. Frankly I think yard signs of any type are distasteful.

All liberals and conservatives are very silly gooses. They are silly partisans who constantly bicker and throw witty insults at each other. They all fight like internet tuff guise and talk like they understand everything and everyone. (Pretty silly isn't it?) Not only do these two groups debate over which party is "better", "cooler", more "chill bro", but they also become Grammar Nazis whenever the opportunity rises. Personally, I think every who spends even a minute of their time arguing about what is "fact" are silly gooses. But please, believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

I love that last little bit, Buddha is awesome, I have to admit.

Excuse me, the drunks of Springfield will rip out anything that we can get their hands on.

No. he thought the comment before was stereotyping liberals when really he was criticizing the grammar. The way it was worded originally said they vandalized the signs and homes, then stole them, meaning the houses as well. "Right" didn't understand that. Neither did you.

No. he thought the comment before was stereotyping liberals when really he was criticizing the grammar. The way it was worded originally said they vandalized the signs and homes, then stole them, meaning the houses as well. "Right" didn't understand that. Neither did you.

His point was that you can't end a sentence with a preoposition. Get your shit together.

Trolling is a art.

Who cares about McLame anmore anyway? PALIN [email protected]!!!!!!!

Not John McCain...

But you've never seen the Glenn Beck *books* defaced or turned face down, have you? That's because liberals won't do that, much as we might like to, and much as we might think about it. We understand and appreciate and respect the First Amendment in a way that no conservative does.

Don't forget the idiots.

Don't forget the idiots.

We should all worship the great and powerful FOX news network. They want us to destroy liberal America.

With Liberals immediately assuming all conservatives are out to get them and conservatives knowing liberals are out to get them we find ourselves in this very precarious position. In most cases, liberals are either programmed young adults, recently graduated from one of our institutions of dumbing down, or they are holding their hand out, for a handout, witty no? Conservatives on the other hand think that working for what they have and assuming they have some right to keep it can be teeth grindingly irritating. That said, America is about freedom. When you take my money and give it to someone who in most cases doesn't need it or isn't willing to work the 60 hour weeks I do, it does make me angry. It makes me angry at liberals and the cads they seem to elect. Did you honestly think Kerry was more of an intellect than George. Check their grades, you may be surprised. A Democracy is doomed when the "have-nots" vote the dollars out of the so called "haves". With the help of fine, honest, god-fearin (please note little g as I suspect their god is a pagan god) organizations like ACORN, you won a few. We won't be caught by that gag again. Enjoy your four years, we gave it to you, but it will end and we'll try to save what you've wrecked. God bless America. By the way, this freedom of speech, it is almost as good as the 2nd amendment...doesn't that just kill you. Freedom of speech is for liberals, not radical right wing conservative terrorists who served twenty five years in the military protecting people who wouldn't sacrifice for anyone unless it was a way to show off. I have to vent sometimes because I am convinced the average liberal isn't a total idiot and can see the destruction wrought by wrong politic. However, you don't give me much to work with here. Why do you vote the same, well idiots into office over and over again. Why isn't it called rape when a Kennedy commits it? Why isn't it called at least negligent homicide, yes, when a Kennedy does it? Why isn't it lying when a Clinton doesn't relate cigars, female organs etc as sexual behavior, instead I think it is a lack of recall. I'm sorry, but you guys need to clean up your house as bad as we do ours. It is time to put new blood into office and get rid of cronyism and old boy, behind closed door isms. (See we conservatives all have spelling problems so we just make up words...)

Aw.... C'mere gimme some sugar snuggle bunny.

you dont have anything to say.

Wow! So it really is true that conservatives are a bunch of retarded lying liars who cannot see beyond their snouts....
I really thought that that was just another "liberal lie". Might I suggest a visit to your local emergency services where they can use the Jaws of Life to help extract your head from your rectum where it appears to become lodged?
The trouble with the right wing in America is that they just dont like truth, dont know their own history and they certainly dont respect intelligence and cleverness - just like the dumb little bully boy in the playground.
I do love it when a Retardican calls Democrats idiots - it's the best example of the pot calling the kettle black ever.
Evolution anyone? Global warming Anyone? George "chicken headed" Bush anyone?How about any one of the apes who front the Party Of the Dumb? Palin, Gingrich, Brachman? Knuckle Draggers, Mouth Breathers and Snot Fountains all.
But not to worry because their party has been so thoroughly usurped by jackasses and apes that if they continue (as I hope they will) on their current path they'll fade away into the mists of the history they so obviously don't understand.....Bye Bye Retardican Party - enjoy your mad old age while we Dems and Libs run the world the right way!
Mr Anonymous, you are certainly entertaining in a saaaaaaaaaaaaaad kinda way.

shut up

Wow, it's like somebody cut up all of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity's speeches, threw the random words and phrases into the air, and composed a post based on the order in which they hit the ground.

It's a shame we have become such a disrespectful and discourteous society that we resort to vandalism. Both the liberals and conservatives have valid ideas. Blind allegiance to an ideology is the quickest way to destroy a country. The liberals erroneously believe all the rich man’s money should be distributed and the conservatives believe all those that are less fortunate are that way because they are lazy. The TRUTH is that the rich person can be very generous and the less fortunate person can be a hardworking SOB. Although no one should be willing to take another person’s money and give it to someone that is unwilling to try and help their self. Then again no one should be willing to let his fellow human suffer because he is too greedy and arrogant to care for people. Maybe if people would look at a problem with a desire to solve it instead of using it to further their own political ideology then we wouldn't have nearly as many problems as we have. Basically, both the left and right are totally incapable of making rational decisions because they base all their decisions on emotions.

Ok why is'nt it called murder when George Bush is responisble for untold deaths and misery taking us into a war with LIES. Its in the constitution that he broke federal laws in taking us to war, and he should be charged if America is the home of justice and freedom. It's true and if you don't believe it then your brainwashed like all the far right zombies. Look at dick Cheney i mean really you put your faith in that guy, i mean seriously you would go die becasue him and his cronies ordered you to for his companys millions? Also democrats can be "god-fearing" people too. Why do all you guys think if your democrat you hate god, hate America and the like. It's ignorant, I'm not against conservatives or liberals. I think there is a middle ground there. Look at the facts though ol W put us in a hell of a mess, in fact i would say in my opinion worst president ever. Though i am sure some have come close. So what Obama supposed to do he inherited a big turd, he's just trying to polish it.

As a Brit bumbling about the internet I have always been bemused by just how bitchy US posts can get over politics. You are the first voice of true reason that I have ever come across. And the last sentence had me giggling.

Guys, I think it's a shame tha- ALL HAIL GLENN BECK. *drool*

Oh yeah?

Well I live about an hour SOUTH of Philly, in good old Maryland, where good people live. WE have good houses here. Some would say it isn't as nice as the north suburbs of Chicago where i grew up, but odds are good that those people are shorter than most. They don't even have good houses either.

The point is that scientists here have been testing theories for what seems like twelve eternities! All of their theories put together are right, too! They say that each ancient tribe is really CONSERVATIVES! Ever hear of ancient tribes? That's right. Vandals. Who sacked Rome now? It's still the Vandals. I bet i got you on that one, Mr. guy who posted above me.

Besides, who's to say what's true anymore, what with hour goals of pease and averythorng. Com and gert sum yuu liddole geyes.

is south of Philly.


I thought the Goths, who are predominantly liberals, descended from the visigoths. They did quite a bit of raping, so watch out north philly. They'll get your signs, you'd better believe they will!

I thought the Goths, who are predominantly liberals, descended from the visigoths. They did quite a bit of raping, so watch out north philly. They'll get your signs, you'd better believe they will!

I think this just shows how ignorant we all are. When we don't like something or get our way we turn into preschoolers again. It doesn't matter who you are or what party you are affiliated with. We are a divided country.

You are the only person who seems to get it on this entire blog. Preschoolers is right!

Your right indeed. Sooo lets see when did it become so divided? Hmmm yep about when Bush took over.

Go to democratunderground or dailkos or quite a few leftists weblogs and you'll see that they revel in doing this type of thing with CONSERVATIVE books. If you ever wandered out of your echo chamber you'd find out your kind was just as guilty as some of those on the right. I acknowledge it, it's a shame you can't. Until you become honest there never will be a meeting of the minds in this country. Dailykos, DU, many other leftist sites do this. Lie to yourself and make yourself feel good. Your party is not altruistic, neither are they tolerant. Now I'll brace myself for the attacks based on nothing but leftists feelings being hurt.

Someone else did it, so it's ok. I see now.
Why can't we all say, "*I* would never do that, and it's too bad that such a sign is necessary"?

That's not what they were saying. He/She wasn't saying that because Liberals do it, it's alright. He/She was saying that the Liberals who commented on this post should not get all angsty about it, because they do the same.

He/She's saying that to get angry about an occurrence like this is to be hypocritical.

I mean, they might be a little biased, but you still missed the main point of their argument.

That freedom of speech is rendered null by these kinds of childish "NO U" arguments.

Whoever is in power is going to stay there because Americans don't have political discussions anymore. We either have rallies or rants. The Powerful don't need to censor anything because no one's going to actually share any ideas about it anyways.

You guys are a bunch of twits.

I'm pretty sure a Liberal just called out a Conservative for calling Liberals idiots, tried to sound all high-class about, only to have his comment canceled out by a Liberal who called Conservatives idiots.

Everyone=Everyone else.

As it stands, both groups are sickening. I count myself as a Conservative, but I'm completely exhausted by the amount of name-calling, bashing, and bad feelings that occur between the two ideologies. Neither of them are free of blame.

Furthermore, both ideologies are necessary to keep the other in existence. So why try to destroy each other? I disagree with all Liberals, but only hate one when I find them to be either tasteless or evil, like Margaret Sanger.

Everyone else has some basis for their reasoning, and I can't hate them for a difference in opinion. I don't believe you should hate anyone for a difference in opinion, as long as they're not hurting you (despite opinion...).

Again, you guys are all twits. The sign at the shelf was probably necessary, but come on...that is hardly vandalism. Turning a book around? I mean, defacing it is one thing...but it's not that hard to find a book, even if it's not facing you. I doubt it impacted sales.

...and, for the record, it's not at all like putting Bibles in the fiction center at the library. Funny as it is, it's still much harder to find a book if it's in a different section.

It looks like we have a secret liberal activist customer. Today one of our booksellers found a stash of books hidden underneath a bookcase, some of which we had been looking for and had assumed stolen. All of them were books from conservative writers, such as Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck.

Blog post here.

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Some books contain the machinery required to create and sustain universes. Tycho (Jerry Holkins) @ Penny Arcade