Assorted Quickies


A collection of mostly unrelated, and almost interesting stories...
This ZDNet Commentary says There is no sight more pathetic than a teenage nerd who just doesn\'t get Tolkein.

On the movie front The BCC Says One of the first reviews of the first Lord of the Rings film says it has real passion, and rates it above the Harry Potter and the Philosopher\'s Stone. Though, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson has dismissed talk of rivalry between part JRR Tolkien\'s trilogy and the first Harry Potter movie.
An Editorial says Potter books are about the struggle between good and evil, with Harry and his friends triumphing over evil through hard work, fearlessness, selflessness and teamwork.

The Observer Profile: Chris Columbus \"Hogwarts and all\" says Chris Columbuse is one of America\'s most bankable directors.

Here\'s an obvious story on a librarian who really loves cats, I know, that sounds redundant.

The Cranston Herald has a series that will profile each of the city’s libraries.

And just when you thought it was safe to put that books back on the shelf, it isn\'t.

Even Korea has some interesting Alternative Publications.

Sites Forlorn When Reborn as Porn, great title don\'t you think?

The Net Is 30-Something, But the Web Is a Child

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