LOC & Preservation Technologies Announce Contract

Submitted by Ryan on Wed, 11/28/2001 - 17:02

From Excite News:

Pittsburgh-based Preservation Technologies, L.P., signed a new five-year contract with the Library of Congress (LC) to preserve over a million books and 5 to 7.5 million manuscript pages using its Bookkeeper process. This is the first step toward the LC\'s goal of preserving 8.5 million retrospective and new books over the next 30 years.

With strong support from Congress, LC has worked with Preservation Technologies since the mid-1990s to preserve hundreds of thousands of books. As the national library and the official library of the U.S. Congress, LC\'s mass deacidification efforts have focused primarily on its collection of \"Americana.\"

After rigorous research and review, the successful treatment of more than 300,000 books and the successful completion of a four-year contract, the new contract ensures that the Library of Congress and Preservation Technologies will continue to work together to preserve endangered volumes.