How far can you go?


With gas prices on the rise the following calculator may be useful to some patrons. Bankrate has a calculator that show how far different vehicles will go on a tank of gas. You just need to enter in the cost per gallon and the rest is calculated. You can find it here.

Note: The first page that comes up is all pickup trucks. There is a pulldown menu that lets you select other vehicles. The Prius can be found under the category "compact sedans".


The cars compared do not have all the same features. For example, in the subcompact category the Toyota Corolla and the Subaru Imrza are manual transmissions, while the rest are automatics. There are other differences in the cars that can account for at least some of the mileage discrepancies.

There is no Toyota ECHO listed. I know they've been replaced by the YARIS but there are plenty still on the road.

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