Information alert

A recent survey shows many students from the so-called 'Google generation' lack the basic skills needed for online research, Wendy Wallace Says Many libaries have assumedyoung students have learned to use the internet for research simply by virtue of their age. But while many are proficient with Facebook and Wikipedia, they may not be information- literate. Many lack the skills to differentiate between authoritative information and amateur blogging.


no, really, duh! every news medium is completely wrong about kids. my uncle made his car run for 25 years, but kids just get new stuff so it appears like they understand new things. but no, they just say it doesn't work anymore and we believe them and get them a new one (because we don't understand it either). but really, they just got to the point where they didn't understand how to use it. so they get a new thing that they can understand up to the same point, and the cycle repeats.

get the kid a guitar. at least we can all agree when he doesn't know how to use it because he'll suck.

This has been pretty much common knowledge in various places by now. I've even blogged about it once or twice. Just ask any educator. We've known for ages using MySpace does not equal being information literate.