LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #15

This week's episode brings interviews with Great Western Dragon and Don Reisinger. Great Western Dragon, otherwise known as Dr. Daniel Messer, related his experience with the Virtual Conference part of PLA 2008 National. Don Reisinger chatted about tech issues in society. Although a commentary was planned it was cut due to time. At the end of the podcast a specific invitation is given. There is discussion of having a live call-in segment be taped in the week ahead. The night for such is tentatively set for April 4th. Five listeners at a minimum must call LISTen's production team to signify their willingness and intent to participate. If at least five listeners are heard from by a specific point then details on how to participate will be posted to LISNews. Time conversions will be available in the links to find out when things are set to happen even if not in Las Vegas. Contact numbers include: +1 702 425 8547 (United States of America) +61 03 9018 6749 (Australia) +64 03 669 0425 (New Zealand) +44 02895 81 2554 (United Kingdom) My status (Skype for anybody who does not want to or cannot call by phone) Links to things referenced: Twitter of Great Western Dragon Twitter of Don Reisinger PLA 2008 Virtual Conference An example from Jeff Macpherson of a "Rickroll" How to determine what Stephen means time-wise for the call deadline How to determine what Stephen means time-wise as to when he plans the live call-in segment taping
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Hey, are you ever going to make this podcast available on iTunes or only as a direct download from the LIS News website?

I listen to LibVibe on my iPod thru iTunes, and it would be nice to add LISTen to my podcast roll. I tend to plug my iPod into some spare speakers and let it play while I'm doing chores, getting dressed for work, etc, or plug it into my car's audio system to listen to instead of commercial radio. There's not very many library-related podcasts out there, but I enjoy the ones I'm able to get.

I *can* listen through the website, obviously, but I do have to actually put some planning into doing so, while with iTunes it would just download automatically and I'd see it just scrolling through.

My main motivation for getting a portable media player (which I derided as a fad and resisted for YEARS) was all the great FREE foreign language news content you can get online over the web and through iTunes. The Library-related pocasts are like icing on the cake.

Search in the iTunes Music Store for "LISNews Podcast". We're there under that as that is what the RSS feed is named that the Drupal implementation produces. We've been in the iTunes Music Store for a couple months actually. I mentioned this for about a month and then decided to trust folks to figure it out after that month was up.

You can also click the red iTunes button on the right-hand side of the page under "The LISNews Feeds" and you'll be taken to the correct spot in the iTunes Music Store automatically. This link will accomplish the same thing too: Some real, live people actually prefer to get the post and a download link via e-mail and the sign-up is found at

Don't worry about the current episode not showing up in the iTunes Music Store right this moment. It will on Wednesday morning. If you subscribe in iTunes you will get the current episode even though it does not show. Why is this? When the iTunes Music Stores parses the RSS feed for the podcast it disregards posts that are made sticky at the top of lists. As the current episode each week is a sticky from posting until normally the morning Wednesday it cannot be downloaded manually in the iTunes Music Store until then. I am not quite sure if that behavior by the iTunes Music Store's systems is documented or not but research has been underway. The way Drupal handles the sticky bit also impacts the way the RSS feed is generated so that may be an issue, I suppose.

Feel free to call if you are having trouble getting the podcast into your iTunes feed. The numbers above are real and do actually work.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen