Kindles can't be lent!

According to Rochelle , who talked to Amazon customer support, libraries that are lending out Kindles (Amazon's ebook reader) to patrons are in violation of the terms of service. She makes some compelling points on questions that Amazon needs to answer, such as ways to disable people from downloading without disabling the account.


No big shock. As Leo Laporte said, "Kindle is what happens when a company designs a product to fit its business model instead of its customers needs." I've quoted him before on this subject (I know, because when I Googled to get the quote, it came back to an earlier post by me on LISNews. Ahh, the wheel turns!) and I've yet to hear anyone else say anything more succinct.

All I know is that it'll be a dark day when I knowingly buy something that I cannot lend to a friend.

Then again, even though I'm a tech and computer junky, I have just about as much need for a Kindle as I do for ass cancer. I still have yet to see anything that "fixes" the "book problem" because I've yet to see any problem with books.

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Someone from another library left a comment on the post saying that they got a different response from Kindle than our library did.

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