Anthony Lewis Urges ALA Not to Ignore Jailed Librarians

Now anyone can hear just what famed-author, Anthony Lewis, said at his speech for a Freedom to Read fundraiser at the ALA Convention in Philly. His remarks begin at minute 34:40 on this podcast from the National Constitution Center.

"I'm going to do something which I'm not entitled to do, but I'm going to raise it because I promised I would. There is an issue that has engaged some people. I don't know if they are in this room or not, maybe a few are, and that is the fate of some private librarians in Cuba who have been imprisoned by the Cuban government.

I just urge you not to take that lightly. I think there can't be anything worse than putting librarians in prison because of their being librarians and giving people books to read. So please don't ignore the issue.

That's from my point of view, even if you don't like the librarians or you don't like Cuba or whatever it is you don't like, its "freedom for the thought that we hate." Please think about it."

Moderator: "How could we not like librarians?"

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