LISten- The LISNews Podcast: Episode #4

The fourth episode of the six episode trial season has a surpise in store. After the special guest opening we have a breakdown of top stories and blog posts. A special report is given at the end about the upcoming analog to digital switch-over that television broadcasting in the United States will soon face. Links to some of the items mentioned on the podcast: What Do You Want To Read About On LISNews In 2008? LIS Future:A Library Mentor and Leadership Development Wiki JK Rowling drops hints of possible eighth Harry Potter book A Misplacement of Vigilance Cites & Insights 8:1 available Death to the term "blogosphere"! NTIA website concerning the switch to digital TV For those who want to subscribe in iTunes to receive the podcast when it is released on Mondays and special occasions, click here. LISten is also seeking support to help fund continuing operations. If you like what you hear and want more of it, contributions are welcomed. You can donate using the button below. (You may need to click the title above to make the button visible)
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