There's Still Time To Nominate Your Favorite Blogs! LISNews 10 Blogs To Read in 2008.

I started putting together our list of "must read" library blogs for 2008 last month and while I have received many nominations, I could use many more! Check out 10 Blogs To Read In 2007 and 10 Blogs To Read in 2006 to see who has already made the list.

So what's the criteria, you ask?
What blogs do you read every day? What blogs help you learn? What blogs keep you informed? What blogs make you laugh? Who's the best writer out there?

Think of it this way: "I read many others, but these are the LIS blogs that I read even when time is short."

I'm looking for input from as many people as possbile so the final list is full of new faces. My goal again this year, 10 blogs that collectively paint picture of what's going on in our little world.

Send me your ideas, or leave a comment below.

Note: We all know LISNews is obviously the single most important web site in the entire history of the internet, so therefore I won't be including it on the final list.
Second Note: Anyone who made it to 10 Blogs To Read in 2006 & 2007 won't be included this year.


Despite contrarian opinions I don't often agree with, I feel that this blog is always honest, always full of information, and always entertaining.

I recommend two blogs. The first is DigitalKoans at It really helps me keep up with issues related to scholarly publishing and open access. I get a lot of good resources from it - and it doesn't take up much of my time with long posts. The second is Tennant: Digital Libraries which has a long Library Journal URL that I didn't bother to write down. I think he provides some good perspectives on topics I don't have as much time to think about - catalogs, bib records, etc.

Good luck with your list.


I recommend these two blogs:

Annoyed Libarian at - discussion on lots of different library issues, offering a different point of view - even if you don't agree with everything, it's still a fun read.

Talking Books Librarian at - discusses librarianship and disability related issues, a part of librarianship/libraries that is sadly often forgotten about... all librarians need to be reading this blog to help stay on top of disability issues

In addition to many that made the list in previous years, these three have become must reads to me in the last two years.

What I Learned Today has a variety of posts and is written by Nicole Engard. Sometimes the posts are about new tech or web sites, but there is a good variety. It has been interesting to follow Nicole's progression from library school student to new librarian.

Library Garden is a team blog with so many viewpoints because they have blog team members that work in a lot of different types of libraries. Marie Radford's posts tend towards the academic, while Pete and Janie talk a lot about customer service, and Ty Russea's teen perspective is good to have.

Librarian in Black... short to the point posts that always, always help me keep up.

Two of my favorite LIS blogs:
1. Stephen Abram's blog Stephen's Lighthouse - - he talks about technology & social trends in academic & public libraries. It's one that I require my GSLIS students to look at ...
2. John Dupuis' Confessions of a Science Librarian - Right now he's linking to lists of best science books of the year; he also does some interesting interviews with sci-tech publishers (Knovel & Safari Tech books among them). Plus other interesting issues that relate to science in academic libraries.

Thanks for compiling the list -- it helps me find new blogs for myself and my students.

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