Write More Matter Less

It's rare that I write random blogger stuff, so one of my resolutions for next year will be to write more. Though I think that was actually a resolution for this year too! But then the more I write, the less it will matter, though now that I think about it, what I write matters little now, so I guess it doesn't matter that it will matter less.
So here's a collection of random bits:

On LISHost:
The lisnews.org domain got hit by a monster joejob yesterday. The resulting bounces numbered in the hundreds of thousands and brought the .org server down, twice. I pulled the MX Record out of DNS. I'm not even sure where all that email ends up now, but at least the server is stable again. Our remote backup company dropped off the face of the earth, along with one of the remote backup copies. Signed up for a new one, hopefully they'll be more reliable. Still have one copy at home. I continue to think of ways to expand LISHost, while simultaneously thinking of ways to do less work. The 2 are mutually exclusive I think. I still really enjoy LISHost and the interesting stuff I learn.

On LISNews
Drupal continues to impress me. I wish I had more time to focus on developing Drupal stuff. I wish I had more time to focus on any aspect of programming or systems administration. Hell, I wish I had more time for everything. I'll be slowly adding new modules, lots of community stuff that will most likely be largely ignored. How 'bout LISTen! I can't be the only one loving the podcast, can I? Twitter is now one of the top referrers for LISNews. One of these days I'll have to figure out if running Drupal has increased readership.

On Life:
Someone at work today: "The health care system is very efficient, if by efficient you mean it efficiently moves money to shareholders" It's so interesting listening to people talk here, most are union members, but are also Republicans. Last week a group was complaining about having too many Canadians around now that the Dollar has tanked. Finding balance in there is sometimes not much more than avoid cognitive dissonance, but sometimes it's just brilliant. I've been enjoying Twitter more than I thought I would. I have WAY too many passwords.

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Sorry you feel what you write doesn't matter. Is that a by product of the information community gone wild with Web 2.0? There are many of us and we all have something to say. Do we have enough time to listen?

I never write comments, so this is my first one. I think Web 2.0 is a great thing, giving people voice. The internet is a powerful thing, heady. I have to say I have not listened to a LIShost podcast yet. I am going to. I have just not made time for it in my head space. I'm busy buying presents and making cookies. I will listen to the next one that crosses my path.

While I feel strange sending my opinions out into cyberspace, life is short so why not? It is a very good thing that you are doing with LIS host. SK