Not Much To Say

Really I'm just testing the blogging module. There seems to have been some issues last night and I'm trying to track them down. That seems to have worked. Now, I wonder if I can edit this masterpiece of American literature? Yes, I can post, edit, and even edit again. Funny... when I log out, the home page and blocks are all several hours old, even when I refresh and even if I run the Drupal crontab... funny. Testing something else... some words not written by me

Argentine poet Juan Gelman, who wrote about the pain of loss under
his country´s military juntas, has won the Cervantes Prize, the
Spanish-speaking world´s top literary award.

Gelman´s works include "The game we´re playing" (El Juego en que
Andamos) and "Under someone else´s rain" (Bajo la Lluvia Ajena). In
2000, Gelman has also received one of the most important literary
awards in the Spanish-speaking world, the Juan Rulfo Award.

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